more last night doodles


              “It’s hard to see, but that expression means he’s pretty into it.”


☆ Oikawa Tooru - Aoba Johsai’s Great Setter 


I had to draw him too!! So excited for p5~~

2 things


  1. i am sorry for being a huge fucking weeaboo
  2. thing number one is a lie


Another taobao review!! 

My Haikyuu!! Karasuno Volleyball outfit for my Kageyama cosplay! 
(( view more pictures of my Kageyama cosplay here ))

I bought it from this shop on taobao.  ((My karasuno teammates got their outfits from the same shop! ))
They’re really comfortable to wear, they feel like they’re made of a proper sports jersey material? (( I don’t play sports, so I’m not really sure.. but it’s a really breathable fabric that’s easy to move around in ))
I wore it the whole day and I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.

The number, ics logo and school name(?) are printed on while the white lines are sewn on.. 
The shorts have a netted lining sewn inside, like normal sport shorts.

I bought it in size L. L seems to be a size too big for me and I ended up having to resize it myself. It looks okay I guess, but I felt that it would look better if it wasn’t so baggy on me. I should have bought M. :<

The shorts were kind of weird, their waist band is high on the waist. (5th picture) The distance from the waist band to the crotch is… really long LOL. Also the length of the shorts is long too. I ended up altering the length. (( My teammates did the same with their shorts too :> ))

Let me tell you that it is not easy to unpick stitches with this material. The thread just blends in sometimes and it’s difficult to find the stitch.

(( Tip! 

To make your body look longer, wear the pants at your hips. but don’t wear them so low until your butt crack/underwear is exposed……

to make your legs seem longer, make sure there is skin showing between the top of the knee guards and the bottom of your shorts. More skin = illusion of longer legs. But be careful not to shorten the short into booty shorts. be decent please!! ))


I wanted to make one of those color palette memes with my favorite color schemes.